Hankook Tires

Everything You Should Know About Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires

The history of the tire industry in Korea cannot be stated without mentioning Hankook Tires. A 72-year old company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Hankook is the 7th largest tire producing company worldwide. The company has 5 regional headquarters, business divisions spread across Europe, North America, China and Korea, and selling operations in nearly 180 countries.

Headed by CEO Mr. Seung Hwa Suh, the company’s focused R&D efforts continue to show success in the form of excellent products that serve vehicular interests globally. Hankook’s prided philosophy, the ‘Kontrol technology’, continues to ensure that driving experiences through Hankook tires remain safe and comfortable.


Tire characteristics

Tires are the ultimate safety net in a vehicle. It is the strength, agility and the tread-worthiness of the tires that ensures an element of safety on the roads. If engineered correctly, tires respond to the road. Hankook tires provide for better interaction between the road and the tire, giving driving control and performance.

Hankook manufactures 4 major types of tires: passenger car tires, SUV tires, winter tires, and truck and bus tires. The objectives of Hankook’s passenger car tires are ultra-high and luxury performance, and touring. They have wide linear grooves for effective water drainage from the tires, ensuring safe driving in the rainy season. They also have Hankook’s proprietary ‘Twister system’ installed for the safety of the tires.

Hankook’s winter provide for vehicular safety in slushy and snowy conditions. With winter tires available for both passenger vehicles and SUVs, the 3D sipes, deep lateral slots and groove depths, and the advanced design of the pitch enables the tires to effectively gain a grip on the terrain. Specially designed keeping in mind the size, weight and the design of the vehicle, SUV tires make for driving in any and every terrain. The deep-tread grooves, the wave kerfs, the stone ejector design and the scallop grooves provide for noise control, longer mileage, puncture resistance and driving stability.

Hankook’s Truck and Bus tires have a wide base, zigzag grooves and an innovative mixing system that allows for a sturdy all-season grip, and enhanced wear resistance.

Above all, Hankook tires are all about the safety and comfort of the journey.


Latest tires

The latest tires from the house of Hankook include all-season tires, a winter and a summer tire.


Winter i*cept IZ: Featuring the Spuit hole technology to minimize hydroplaning and the 3D Kerf for driving directional stability, The Winter i*cept IZ scores on all fronts.


Ventus S1 Noble2: This tire features a rib block and a 3D Kerf with a Hydro block asymmetrical design providing for excellent wet braking and noise reduction.


Ventus Prime2: Armed with a distinctive tread design, a reinforced sidewall and a high-tension rim bead, this tire offers for a strong grip in all sorts of weather conditions with longer mileage and greater efficiency.

Optimo H725: The high-end internal construction of this tire, including a light-belt cord and bead filler allows better wet braking performance, longer and efficient life and high snow